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Section A - Company Details

[Note: Kindly provide 2 alternative names of your choice in case your proposed name is unavailable]
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Company Name

Note: Please provide further clarification if the proposed name:

  1. is NOT in English/Malay;

  2. is an abbreviation;

  3. contains a proper name of a person who is NOT a director;

  4. is related/similar to an existing company name, and if so, whether a written consent is obtained,
    and to provide evidence of the same (this is usually for subsidiary/related company); or 

  5. is a registered trademark, and if so,
    whether consent has been obtained from the trade mark owner, and to provide evidence of the same.

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Business Nature

[Note: In Sdn Bhd you may insert up to 3 type of business nature]
**you may provide one business nature if you do not have any idea on the others, our secretary will further advice you 

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