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Business Advisory 

Kalyx Advisory Sdn Bhd 201901005896 (1315223-U)

Business Advisory

We are a business advisory firm operating under Kalyx Consultants based in Penang providing business advisory & planning services to clients throughout Malaysia. 

Helps to analyze a company's business plan and financial statements to properly advise it about investments, marketing, and potential funding opportunities. Provide financial and strategic advice to small and mid-sized companies

Providing the best for our clients along with functional expertise, our experience give us the scope and knowledge to deal with various challenges 

Our Business Advisory Services

Business Valuation

  • advise in undertaking the most important and critical path in business valuation

  • develop valuation assignments that are supported by a financial model

  • advise on significant assumptions made and uncertainty

  • advise on value of business for decision making purpose

Financial Road Map

  • Interview key personnel on the direction of the Company in term on fund raising 

  • Analytical study on the key indicator of FRM 

  • Work out the calculation for the different tranches

  • Assist on the calculation upon charges from time to time 

  • Liaise with Company Secretary on the allotment of shares details, ie. number of shares and share price and etc. 

  • Liaise with Company Secretary on the allotment of bonus shares and details 

  • Assist on shareholder meeting and resolve queries from the shareholders

Application for Tax Incentives / Grant 

  • Interview key personnel on the nature of business and needs on such application 

  • Perform feasibility analysis based on the requirement from authorities 

  • Advise on suitable tax incentives / grant with the company's situation 

  • Assist on drafting Business Plan and Projection for application purpose 

  • Submit application for tax incentives / grant 

  • Arrange and facilitate site visit with authority 

  • Presentation of Business Plan and Projections to authority 

  • Liaise with authority on all queries raised till case approve 

Outsourced CFO

  • Assess on current financial position and advise on improvement 

  • Analyse and advise on business costing 

  • Analyse and advise on business / projects break even point 

  • Analyse and advise on fixed and variable costing 

  • Assist on budgeted vs actual result on monthly basis 

  • Assist on cash flow management and projections 

  • Analyse on debtor aging and advise on improvement 

  • Analyse and advise on monthly management accounts 

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