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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Culture - Green Office 

We do our best to reduce travel-related carbon emissions by holding meetings electronically. We also discourage paper usage and instead leverage global technology platform like Google's Productivity Suite. A cloud based application enables the workforce to collaborate, share knowledge and work anytime. 

Google Productivity Suite has improved efficiency, reduce paper and waste. It also allows managers to track and measure results and feedback in a more reliable, time effective way. The result is more data-driven and faster decision making. 


Di Zi Gui 弟子规 (Since Year 2015)

Kalyx Consultants has focus on CSR project for education, with the slogan - Giving For Good as we believe it is crucial to educate a child since they are young and children are the leader of tomorrow which contribute to the community and country.
Di Zi Gui is one of the children enlightenment reading materials in China, written in Dynasty Qing with core values of respect our parents, obey our elder brothers, sincere to others and love the worlds which teach us how to start from the root of our attitude to being a good person and handle the well relationship with others. 

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圣心小学 - 9.8.2018.jpeg
侨南小学 - 8.8.2018-1.jpeg
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Cook For the Poor (Since Year 2014)

During the Mid-Autumn Festival since year 2014 until now, we co-organize with a catering company, an event which we distribute foods to the needy. The main objective of the event is to bring awareness to public that there are many needy people in the world needs caring and help from the community. The needy who received helps could feel the warmness and love too.


Tan Sri Fng Charity Seminar (Since Year 2012)

Our leader Shirlyn Lim as a committee member from Yayasan Muhibah Tan Sri Fng Ah Seng, lead the whole company to raise fund for the needy. Kalyx Consultants has been practiced since year 2012, and now we have successfully attend and contribute for twenty-three seminars held by Yayasan Muhibah Tan Sri Fng Ah Seng. Kalyxian are encourage to attend the courses to sharpen up the soft skills which inclusive of self-improvement and leadership courses.

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Renowned Entrepreneur Sharing Journey (Year 2014)

The accident comes from no way, and may cause the loss of loved ones in a family. There is a family where the mother was dead in a car accident and the father was not able to face the lost and committed suicide. The parents left behind 5 daughters with no people to rely on. 
Kalyx Consultants with the belief that we gain from society, organized a charity talk namely Renowned Entrepreneur Sharing Journey on 4th July 2014. The charity event eventually brought the benefits to not only the 5 orphans and also to the young entrepreneurs who attended to the event to learn the experiences from speakers in their path chasing their dream.


Nothing But Nets Program (Year 2013)

A global grassroots campaign to save lives by presenting malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. This campaign was created by the United Nations Foundation in Year 2006. Malaria is preventable , but infects nearly 500 million people each year and kills more than 1 million of those who become infected. Under this campaign, every USD 10 donation to Nothing But Nets goes directly toward the purchase, distribution and education about the proper use of a long lasting insecticide-treated bed net.

Now Every Child Can Write

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Now Every Child Can Write is the campaign to help children in their learning path. Children learn to write by observing written language around them. To write required conscious planning of "what to write" and "how to write". It needs times to develop and nurture the ability to write in a child as it doesn't come naturally. However, there are a lots of children do not even have a simple writing tools like PENCIL.

The objective of this CSR project is to raise public awareness on the insufficient resources of education at rural areas and delivering hopes to the children by giving 1 MILLION PENCILS to all the children in rural schools. 

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In Year 2016, Kalyx Consultants responsive to a non profit organization, “我是华小生献爱协会”in Province Wellesley (Seberang Perai) to raise fund from public for community purpose. The main objective of the campaign is to raise fund to support the expenses needed for the tuition classes for poor student to attend with zero fee charged. We found that donor were proud of their action to contribute back to the community.

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Ice Bucket Challenge 


ALS mission is the lead the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig's disease. Kalyx Consultants was nominated by ALC College to take up the challenge and create awareness to the public regarding this charity campaign. Furthermore, we also raise fund among our Kalyxian and donated to ALS Association.


Journey To Be A Creativepreneur 

On 13th November 2014, Kalyx Consultants organised a charity seminar "Journey To Be A Creativeprebeur" and invited Dato Micheal Tio be a speaker. 

The main objective of the seminar is to raise fund to support the living expenses of House of Hope. At the same time, it also created oppotunity for young entrepreneur to learn the unique and creativity from teh successful speaker, Dato Michael Tio.

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